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Specjalistyczne linie wyrobów medycznych uzupełniane suplementami diety oraz kosmetykami.

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Gofarm – Your expert in medical pharmaceutical devices

Gofarm is a Polish pharmaceutical company with an international reach, which has been specializing in products that improve the quality of life of patients for 15 years. We are an expert on the EU market in the field of development and production of pharmaceutical medical devices. We deliver ready products in the private label formula. Our portfolio includes offers of over 120 products – complete lines of medical devices, pharmaceutical cosmetics and dietary supplements. Our products are already in 52 countries around the world, and the number of satisfied partners is constantly growing.


Our clients are pharmaceutical companies, private label distributors. We have developed over 400 new products for them.


We offer the first in Poland comprehensive services in the field of Regulatory and R&D of medical devices, i.e. design and development of new formulations, as well as services related to the adaptation of current products to the applicable legal regulations (MDR 2017/745).

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We offer a wide selection of ready-made medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements in many forms and indications. We work in the private label formula.

Taking care of the highest quality of the offered products and services, we only work with the best contract manufacturers who have all the required certificates and permits. Attractive and functional packaging is mainly due to the best designers and printing houses.

We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the requirements of customers, and the production process is fast and efficient.

As a result, the finished product quickly reaches the Customer and his patients.


Only the best experts can meet the highest requirements, which is why the Gofarm team is made up of high-class specialists in various fields.

Our R&D, regulatory, quality, logistics and sales teams form a long chain – we make sure it is strong and stable.

They are professionals who have been developing the polish pharmaceutical industry for years and achieve significant success with it. They analyze the global market, search for the best technological solutions, create new formulas for medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Thanks to the cooperation and commitment, Gofarm provides the highest quality services.


In order to regularly improve the quality of our services and ensure the creation of the most valuable products, we regularly cooperate with many entities. Our regular collaborators include:

  • Medical Advisors (Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy of the Jagiellonian University) – constant cooperation in developing clinical opinions.
  • Advisors for Product Registration – cooperation in the development of registration documentation for medical devices.
  • Production technologists – constant cooperation on innovative products.
  • Utility designers – designing packaging, labels and leaflets.


To ensure the highest quality of our services, we strictly control the entire development and production cycle of each product.

We have had ISO-13485, ISO-22716 and ISO-9001 certificates for many years.

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Gofarm’s mission is to provide products that improve the quality of life, thanks to which you can make your dreams come true,

enjoy good health and share joy with loved ones.

We create our products with great passion and commitment – all thinking about the final recipient of our products, which is


Find out about the values that guide us at Gofarm. They are the basis for the daily work of the entire team at every stage of work.

Thanks to these values, we design and manufacture modern and effective products of the highest quality for our clients,

which will be popular all over the world.






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This website presents various products available in private label formula: Medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements. For medical devices on the website we provide the following information:

This is a Medical device.
Use it according to the instructions of use or label.

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