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GOFARM  >  Gofarm   >  New! Procto Care proctologic line – medical products and cosmetics recommended for hemorrhoids and constipation.

New! Procto Care proctologic line – medical products and cosmetics recommended for hemorrhoids and constipation.

Unhealthy diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle – these are factors contributing to a range of lifestyle diseases. As a result, one in three individuals, regardless of age, struggles with troublesome constipation or hemorrhoids. We are aware that there is a growing demand among patients for medical products that provide relief and support in these conditions. Therefore, we have created a completely new proctologic line – Procto Care. In it, you will find 2 innovative medical products and 2 complementary cosmetics. All available in the private label business model – our product, your brand.

Demand for products supporting hemorrhoids and constipation

Constipation affects up to 28% of the population regardless of age. In individuals over 65 years old, this percentage can reach as high as 30%. Moreover, this condition often affects pregnant women – as many as 38% of pregnant women struggle with constipation.

As a consequence of constipation, hemorrhoids often occur, most commonly in adults, and rarely in children. They develop due to the enlargement of the submucosal vascular tissue in the distal part of the anal canal. Hemorrhoids can cause pain because they are innervated by the somatic nervous system and are congested. However, pain is not a typical symptom, unlike itching or burning.

Factors contributing to their formation include constipation, bowel movement disorders, difficulty emptying the rectum, and prolonged defecation. Hemorrhoidal disease affects approximately 85% of pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Private Label medical products to support the treatment of constipation and hemorrhoids

With patients affected by constipation and hemorrhoids in mind, we have developed the Procto Care proctologic line from Gofarm. These are Private Label products ready to be introduced to the market under your own brand name. We have thoroughly examined the needs of modern customers and have developed 4 key products to support during constipation and hemorrhoids.

  1. MICRO-ENEMA -hemorrhoidal conditions and bowel-movement

The enema bulb, facilitating defecation, supports bowel movements, especially in individuals struggling with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and constipation. It alleviates discomfort during bowel movements by moisturizing the anal mucosa and soothing its irritations.

Main ingredients:

4 oils: coconut, linseed, sunflower and olive oil, moisturise and coat the rectal mucosa and soothe its irritation.

Hyaluronic acid moisturises and soothes irritated skin, forming the right environment for natural regeneration processes.

Lactic acid helps to maintain the correct pH of the skin.


The medical gel for hemorrhoids is a medical device intended for individuals suffering from this condition and those at risk of developing pathological hemorrhoidal conditions.

Especially recommended for individuals performing prolonged sitting work, elite athletes, and obese individuals. Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Recommended in case of discomfort, itching, burning, pain, and irritation, which may occur with internal and external hemorrhoids.

Main ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid moisturises and soothes irritated skin around the anus, creates proper environment for natural regeneration processes.

Aloe vera gel contains mucopolysaccharides that bind water particles, improves skin hydration and integrity. It soothes irritation of the skin around the anus.

Prebiotic Biolin P protects against the development of pathogenic bacteria and promotes the development of physiological bacterial flora.


The gel for anal hygiene is a pharmaceutical cosmetic intended for individuals prone to hemorrhoids and experiencing discomfort, itching, and burning sensations. The active substance SyriCalm primarily relieves itching, while ectoine provides moisturizing effects.

Main ingredients (hygiene gel):

Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturises, soothes mucous membranes surrounding the anus.

L-arginine raises the level of hydration, thereby increasing the skin’s protective barrier.

Prebiotic Biolin P protects the lining of the intimate surroundings by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria.

SyriCalmTM CRL relieves itching, reduces redness and improves the quality of the skin’s barrier function.

Ectoin® surrounds the mucous membranes or the skin with a protective coating composed of water molecules (hydrofilm). Due to this protective coating, the treated areas are protected from irritations caused by allergens or other particles.


The gel for anal area care is a product with strong moisturizing action, designed for individuals prone to developing hemorrhoids. Recommended for discomfort, itching, and burning sensations after bowel movements. It provides protection to the anal area against the development of pathogenic bacteria.

Main ingredients (care gel):

Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturise and soothes.

L-arginine raises the level of hydration, thereby increasing the skin’s protective barrier.

Aloe vera gel has moisturising properties, nourishes the skin and mucous membranes.

Vitamin E maintains the skin in good condition.

Prebiotic Biolin P protects against the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Benzyl alcohol exhibits cooling properties.

The Procto Care line offers a comprehensive range of supportive products for individuals suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids. Every third person needs help in dealing with these conditions. This represents a vast market of patients open to new solutions.


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