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GOFARM  >  Spray for radiation burns

Spray for radiation burns

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•       Supports the treatment of skin burns of the first degree.

•       Relieves feeling of pain and burning of damaged skin.

•       Ensures adequate environment for physiological bacterial flora development.


Active ingredients’ properties:

•       Hyaluronic acid – binds water, ensures proper environment for natural regeneration process.

•       SyriCalmTM CLR – moisturizes, protects against excessive loss of water, strengthens the epidermis barrier that alleviates the feeling of itching.

•       Prebiotic Biolin P – provides the right balance of microbiological flora, supporting the skin’s protective barrier prone to damage.

•       L-arginine – a natural amino acid, used in the treatment of invasive skin actions, increases skin hydration and strengthens lipid barrier.


Usage: Adults, after radiation therapy.

Packaging: Microdiffusion spray 50 ml.





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