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GOFARM  >  15. Ear wax remover drops

15. Ear wax remover drops

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•       Regular ear hygiene in order to prevent accumulation of ear wax.

•       Tendency to accumulate excessive dose of ear wax.

•       Prevention of ear inflammation.

•       Frequent use of cotton buds for ears cleaning. Constant use of headphones or hearing aids.

•       Moisturising mucous membranes in the ear canal.

Active ingredients’ properties:

•       Sodium docusate – ear wax softener, to facilitate ear wax removal.

•       Aloe extract – known for its soothing and moisturising effects.

•       Hyaluronic acid – blends with moist secretions of mucous membranes in the ear, highly moisturises.

•       Glycerin – softens and loosens the wax in the ear canal.

Usage: Children over 1 year of age and adults.


Ear drops: plastic bottle 15 g with dropper.





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